How to research hospital infection control and cleanliness

Infection control at Benenden Hospital

In this week’s article on tips to help you choose a private hospital for treatment, we look at cleanliness. Given the current pandemic you will, more than ever, want to know about the infection control and cleaning procedures of each hospital you approach about your private treatment. Each hospital will be able to tell you about these extremely important aspects of their daily work and be able to put your mind at rest.

Today, more than ever, we’re conscious of hospital cleanliness and the risk of infection and it’s okay when approaching hospitals about treatment packages, to also enquire about their record on infection control and cleanliness.

It’s important that the whole hospital is kept clean and well maintained. You should feel confident about these aspects of your care, from your arrival at reception through to waiting and treatment rooms, and if you’re a day patient or an inpatient on the wards.

Feel confident in asking each hospital about its own record on Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) and find out what infection control measures are in place at the hospital, such as Decontamination Services.

HCAIs are infections that occur in a patient while receiving treatment in a hospital or other healthcare settings. Factors such as illness, age, and treatment being received can all make patients more vulnerable to infection.

Here’s a tick list of things to ask each hospital about in relation to infection control and cleanliness:

  • What’s the HCAI infection rate at the hospital?
  • Do you pre-screen for MRSA?
  • What COVID-19 prevention measures do you have in place?
  • Do you employ your own housekeeping team to stay on top of cleanliness?
  • Do you have your own on-site Sterile Services Department, where medical equipment does not have to leave the site to be cleaned and therefore, the risk of medical equipment becoming contaminated in transit is reduced?

Find out what we're doing to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe at Benenden Hospital.

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Published on 07 January 2021