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Health and wellbeing benefits of growing your own food

Benefits of growing your own food

While growing your own food ensures you have regular stocks available and provides fresh ingredients for your meals, it has other benefits that you may not have expected.

Make your health a priority

There’s one important nutrient gardening can give you before you even take a bite of your produce: vitamin D. The sun’s rays promote vitamin D production, which is vital to our health. Working in the garden for only 30 minutes a day can promote better sleep and positive energy. Just remember the sunscreen.

Live the ‘fresh is best’ lifestyle

Nothing beats flavor-and-nutrient-packed power of freshly-picked fruits and vegetables. Once harvested, produce begins to lose moisture and nutrients.

Although the freshness of shop-bought vegetables is largely out of your control, when you’ve grown your own fruits and vegetables, you can know exactly when they’ve been picked and how fresh they are.

Make gardening a family hobby

Gardening is a fun, family-friendly activity that allows kids to get their hands dirty and learn where their food comes from. From planting seedlings to building salads together, starting a vegetable garden is a great way to get your family off the couch and onto their feet.

Control your crops

Growing your own produce lets you control what ends up on your family’s table. You decide what fertilizer, water and pest control to use, as well as whether to grow organic.

Increase healthy fruit and vegetable consumption

Households who grow fruit and veg consume 40% more fruits and vegetables per day than those who do not; those who grow their own are 3.5 times more likely to consume the recommended five portions a day of fruit and vegetables.

Cut down on your food bills

One of the biggest advantages of growing your own food is that it can save you money. The price of a pack of seeds is almost equivalent to what you would pay for a single vegetable or fruit at the shops. Plus, you can grow organic vegetables for a fraction of the cost from those brought from the shops.

Get growing today

If this has inspired you to get out your gardening tools and stock up on seeds, there are plenty of online resources to help you get started:

Happy gardening!

Published on 25 April 2020