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Benenden Staff Sign Up To Safety

Benenden Staff Sign Up To Safety

As part of the Sign Up To Safety campaign, this week has seen staff from around the Hospital taking part in the National Kitchen Table Week initiative.

This week our kitchen table has been on the move around the Hospital, spending time with theatre teams, Bensan Ward, Outpatients and a more general session in the Lower Atrium.

It's a wonderful idea that has been warmly received by staff. As well as plenty of tea and some delicious cakes, this has offered a forum to have been some honest, thoughtful and engaged team discussions about raising awareness, improving our safety culture and our 2018 Sign Up To Safety Pledges.

At Benenden Hospital Trust, we are committed to open dialogue with all members of our teams and listening to their thoughts and suggestions to make sure we are surpassing our own high expectations and those of our patients and colleagues. We are excited to continue promoting best practice across the hospital, sharing ideas and suggestions to continually improve our approach.

The Kitchen Table initiative is designed to create a more relaxed space to have an open conversation with each other about keeping people safer and what everyone knows.

Published on 22 March 2018