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Boost your body confidence with cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Christopher Macdonald

On Thursday 20 January, our expert Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Christopher Macdonald welcomed attendees to our first webinar of 2022 on cosmetic surgery.

As a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Macdonald has many years practice in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery having studied at University College London before working in London, Hertfordshire, Essex and the Southeast. He then worked in internationally renowned Plastic Surgery Centres in the Southeast, Norwich, and the West Midlands.

Mr Macdonald talked about the different cosmetic surgery basics of breast surgery, abdominal surgery, upper arm surgery and eyelid surgery.  He also discussed how these surgeries can make a difference to your body shape dependant on the type of cosmetic procedure you have.

Mr Macdonald said: “Cosmetic surgery should never be seen as something you should be pushed into having, it should be to make you feel better.”

What is cosmetic surgery?

Have you ever really thought about what cosmetic surgery is really about and what it means for an individual?

  • It is the difference between the way a person looks and the way a person wants to look and how this makes you feel
  • It can also be “functional”
  • It can deal with changes from natural aging, weight loss, pregnancy
  • Or deal with things that you were born with

Watch our webinar on cosmetic surgery at Benenden Hospital

If your confidence has been affected by loose skin after weight loss surgery or pregnancy, or as a result of ageing, we can help.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Chris Macdonald and Breast Care Nurse, Ali Holden-Smith discuss the benefits of our range of self-pay cosmetics procedures, including arm lift, tummy tuck, breast reduction and blepharoplasty.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery (also known as mammoplasty) can be a good option for women whose breasts are impacting their quality of life. This operation makes the breasts smaller, more lifted and less heavy by removing excess tissue and skin. The remaining tissue is then reshaped to resize your breasts. Sue Strood had life changing breast reduction surgery at Benenden Hospital after she had lost weight and she found that exercising was becoming difficult for her. You can read more of her story here.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

The aim of an abdominoplasty operation (commonly known as a tummy tuck) is to remove extra skin, scars, stretch marks and fat from the tummy to improve the appearance and shape of the abdomen.

In some cases, it can also tighten the tummy muscles by re-joining the muscles of the abdominal wall if they’ve been pulled apart in the middle (known as the ‘divarification of the recti’). Stretch marks can sometimes be cut away or tightened to make them less obvious.

Brachioplasty (arm lift) surgery

Brachioplasty (arm lift) surgery is an operation that removes excess skin and fat from your upper arms that might develop with age or after weight loss. The aim of surgery is to remove the excess hanging tissue from the upper arms and sides of the chest. This will help improve problems related to excess skin such as rashes, blistering and irritation. It can also improve mobility by removing excess skin which may aid in exercise and further weight loss.

Blepharoplasty for eyelid conditions

Blepharoplasty treats a range of eyelid conditions, including ectropian (eyelids drooping down) and entropian (eyelids turning in).

We offer discreet cosmetic surgery treatment in a clean and calm environment in the heart of the Wealden countryside. Patients are supported by our experienced team of Consultant Plastic Surgeons and Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons.

Book a consultation today by completing our online booking form or by contacting our Private Patient Team via Livechat or on 01580 363158.

Published on 25 January 2022