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Ten reasons to volunteer

Volunteering at Benenden Hospital

Volunteers play an important part in any organisation and there are many personal benefits to volunteering. It can provide a healthy boost for your self-confidence, self-esteem and life satisfaction. You are doing something good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. It can also give you a sense of pride and identity.

Are you interested in volunteering, but you’d like to know what you can gain from it? At Benenden Hospital, we have an established volunteering team who make a valuable contribution to our hospital and have a positive impact on everyday business.

Volunteering is unique to everyone, and people have a range of reasons to get involved.

Reasons to volunteer can include:

1. Provides you with a sense of purpose

If you’re retired, have lost a loved one or you’re unemployed, you may find some purpose through volunteering and becoming part of something greater than yourself.

2. Improves your self-confidence and enhances your well-being wellbeing

Focusing on helping others can sometimes reduce stress and a boost of positivity, joy and overall satisfaction can also strengthen your immune system.

3. Try something different in between careers changes

Are you newly retired and would like to start a new hobby? You may be in between jobs and are eager to try working in a different environment.

4. The need to Use existing skills and learn new ones

From problem-solving and working in a team, to enhancing your communication skills – you can apply these newfound skills to your life.

5. Your giving Give something back

If you’re local to the organisation, charity or business you’re volunteering for, you may want to give back to the community you’ve grown to love.

6. Gets you out of your comfort zone

Stepping into a volunteering role may seem daunting to some but in doing so you will become more resilient and may be faced with several problems that require you to problem-solve.

7. Looks good on application forms when you're applying for jobs or university

Including your volunteering experience on your CV or any application form, showcases to potential employers that you’re willing to give your time selflessly to better a greater cause.

8. To support an organisation which is close to your heart

Whether it’s the animal charity you got your rescue dog from or it’s an organisation which helped your family during a time of need. Volunteering for a place you’re emotionally connected to will help your sense of achievement.

9. Develop new friendships and social networks

You can meet new friends or strengthen your existing connections with friends, family or colleagues. As a volunteer, you can interact with people from all walks of life.

10. Bring fun into your life

You can use volunteering as a way to pursue your hobbies while making a difference! Becoming a volunteer can provide you with creativity and motivation as you dive into something new.

A diverse team of volunteers can: ­

  • Improve patient experience by providing opportunities for patients to be supported by people who have had similar experiences
  • Promote trust by having volunteers that are representative of all parts of the organisation
  • Improve services by bringing different perspectives and helping to deliver more flexible services to meet everyone’s needs ­
  • Provide a diverse range of skills and experiences and help to develop skills across communities

Volunteer at Benenden Hospital

Why not read some of our volunteer case studies to learn how the benefits of volunteering have enriched their lives?

After such a busy life, retirement could have proved to be quite a boring existence, but Ellie Pottinger’s volunteering has helped her enormously and ensures that she’s still enjoying getting out and meeting people and at the same time providing valuable and worthwhile service to the local community. Discover Ellie’s volunteering story.

When Tony Lush retired from his job as a Chartered Surveyor, he kept busy with various activities but felt something was missing. Find out how Tony was inspired to volunteer.

Our volunteers are currently meeting and greeting patients with the aim to make them feel at ease and comfortable about their hospital visit. Our volunteers were so valuable to us during the pandemic, where they carried out temperature checks on the door as patients arrived and directed them to the relevant areas within the hospital. In the past, we have also had volunteers in Health Records, IT and Catering.

At Benenden Hospital, we are always looking for more volunteers! If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Manager via email:

Published on 25 May 2023