Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is unique to everyone and people have a range of reasons to get involved.

Reasons can include:

  • Improve self-confidence and enhance their well-being
  • Try something different in between careers changes
  • The need to use existing skills and learn new ones
  • Giving something back
  • Working hours within a volunteering role to satisfy your tutor
  • Looks good on application forms when applying for jobs or university
  • To support an organisation which is close to their heart
  • Develop new friendships and social networks
  • Gain practical experience

A diverse team of volunteers can: ­

  • Improve patient experience by providing opportunities for patients to be supported by people who have had similar experiences
  • Promote trust by having volunteers that are representative of all parts of the organisation
  • Improve services by bringing different perspectives and helping to deliver more flexible services to meet everyone’s needs ­
  • Provide a diverse range of skills and experiences and help to develop skills across communities

We would like to take this opportunity to send out a huge thanks to all our volunteers.  Our volunteers cover most areas of the business including administration, meet and greet, catering, IT and porters and many of them lend their hand in other areas and support us with our charity and marketing events.   

Sadly we are not recruiting anymore volunteers at this current time, however if you think you would be interested in volunteering please contact the volunteer manager via email volunteering@benenden.org.uk  

Published on 01 June 2020