Patient Appointments department

The Patient Appointments Department is open Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Once the Hospital Consultant has reviewed your referral we aim to contact you by telephone. If we are unable to make contact, we will confirm your appointment in writing. We aim to arrange your first appointment within three weeks from the start of your case for treatment.

Your referral will be reviewed for suitability for treatment here. If it is not a suitable referral your GP will be notified with the reasons why by the NHS e-Referral Service.

We'll also liaise with clinical staff to see if any tests are likely so that initial consultations and any required tests can where possible be done at the same time. This co-ordinated approach means that we are able in many cases to reduce the number of hospital attendances required.

You will come to see us after your outpatient appointment to book further follow-up appointments if required. We place all surgical patients onto the surgical waiting list for admission.

If you have an enquiry about Benenden, NHS e-Referral Service or private referral, or any general enquiry about the hospital's services, we will either answer it ourselves or find someone who can help.

Get in touch with Benenden Hospital

You can access treatment in a number of ways, as a self-paying or privately insured patient, a Benenden member, or as an NHS patient. Please contact Benenden Hospital to find out more.