Infection prevention and control

Our Infection Control team is committed to the development and maintenance of a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Whilst not all infections are preventable, a proportion of healthcare-associated infections are. With that in mind, infection prevention and control and basic hygiene are at the heart of good management and clinical practice and therefore vitally important to the work we do here at the Benenden Hospital.

We have introduced thorough pre-admission screening, invested in high tech theatres, provided extensive training for our own cleaning teams, and are Matron-led to ensure that our strategy to enable a clean, infection-free environment is adhered to at all times.

Our high-tech and methodical approach to infection control means we offer a safe, clean environment at Benenden Hospital, with no cases of Bacteraemia or Septicaemia related to MRSA, and no cases of Clostridium Difficile (as defined by the Department of Health) - since 2002.

We always seek to ensure that appropriate resources are allocated to provide effective protection of patients, staff and visitors health from hospital-acquired infection, communicable disease and antibiotic resistance.

Hand hygiene

Monthly Hand Hygiene Audits are completed in all clinical areas, and assessments and training is completed in non-clinical areas using a U.V. light box and torch. This ensures that our high standards are maintained across the organisation. Find out more about how we maintain hand hygiene.

MRSA screening

We are proud of our zero rate for MRSA blood stream infections and carry out a rigorous screening programme to maintain this excellent record, with all patients undergoing surgery being screened for MRSA

Decontamination Services

We have our own on-site Decontamination Services Department which washes, disinfects, packs and sterilises reusable instruments for all the departments within the hospital. It adheres to strict guidelines from the Department Of Health and is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Clostridium Difficile

We have a strict Clostridium Difficile (C.Difficile) policy to ensure that neither patients, visitors nor staff enter the hospital if suffering from C.Difficile.


Norovirus - also known as the winter vomiting virus or bug is extremely contagious, and we work hard to reduce the risk of norovirus to our patients, visitors, and staff. 

Antibiotic Resistance

As members of the Antibiotic Guardian scheme, we're working hard to contribute to the safe use of antibiotics and to reduce antimicrobial resistance (AMR) which threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections.