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Our safeguarding assurance

Benenden Hospital Trust has a commitment and a duty to safeguard vulnerable adults within the organisation and a duty to ensure that there is adequate awareness in relation to safeguarding Children and Young people as stipulated in the Care Quality Commission’s Fundamental Standards and Regulation 13.

Benenden Hospital Trust is committed to safeguarding all patients who access our services. The term safeguarding covers everything that assists a child, young person or adult at risk to live a life that is free from harm, abuse and neglect and which enables them to retain independence, well-being, dignity and choice. Safeguarding is about preventing abuse and neglect, as well as promoting good practice for responding to concerns on a multi-agency basis.

Benenden Hospital Trust can confirm that:

1. Benenden Hospital Trust meets the statutory requirements with regard to the carrying out of Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

2. Safeguarding policies are robust and are reviewed annually or more frequently if required to comply with any new national guidance or legislation.

3. All eligible staff have access to relevant Safeguarding training and completion of mandatory training is monitored through a system of appraisal. A training strategy is in place to ensure that staff have access to and receive training necessary to their role.

4. Benenden Hospital Trust has a named Safeguarding Lead with clear role and responsibilities for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults.

5. There is written information and guidance on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults in each ward/department.

6. Benenden Hospital Trust actively engages with partner agencies and organisations and contributes to the Local Safeguarding Adult Forum.

7. Executive Lead - Claire Harley - Director of Patient Services