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Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

In accordance with the requirements or the competition and Market Authority Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order (2014) the below information is a declaration of hospital services provided for consultants and referring clinicians.

‘Higher value’ services

No ‘high value’ services are provided to clinicians.

‘Low value’ services

The following low value services are provided to clinicians with practice privileges at Benenden Hospital:

  • General services required for clinical safety (mandatory training, chaperones)
  • Operational services for patient bookings/admissions and other associated administrative services
  • General marketing to promote the Hospital and indirectly clinicians with practice privileges who are contracted to provide services to Benenden Hospital
  • Basic workplace amenities such as refreshments and meals as those enjoyed by other Hospital staff

Corporate Hospitality

Food and drink is provided as part of operational meetings between the hospital Executive and the Medical Advisory Committee, including the AGM, which are usually held off site.

Clinician part-time positions at Benenden Hospital

We do not have any such positions held by Consultants with practice privileges other than the part time Medical Director and Responsible Officer who is a member of the Hospital Executive.