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Supporting women at work

If you’ve ever had a health problem at work which has left you tired or stressed, you’re not alone. Whether you’re experiencing physical or emotional symptoms after having your children, during the menopause or postmenopause - or just in general - you’ll want to feel supported by your employer. So how can feel confident asking for help? Read on…

Help and support in the workplace

Coping with heavy or painful periods

If you suffer with painful or heavy periods, getting on with your work can feel difficult. Our guide to coping at work can help.

Help for heavy or painful periods


The symptoms of endometriosis, including pain, tiredness and mental health issues relating to your fertility can have a real impact on your confidence at work.

Coping with endometriosis

Managing menopause at work

Women of menopausal age are increasingly represented in the workforce. But taking time off due to menopause symptoms is still taboo.

Managing the menopause at work

How sleep can affect your health

A poor night’s sleep, due to insomnia or physical symptoms, can affect your physical and mental health and leave you exhausted at work.

Is a lack of sleep affecting your life?

Women’s health at work

Whatever stage of life you’re at, your work is an important part of your life. Our Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Michelle Anderson, talks about how your employer can support you in the workplace.

Women's health in the workplace

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