Gastric sleeve surgery (Gastrectomy)

A sleeve gastrectomy (also known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy) is a non-reversible weight loss surgical procedure. It removes a large portion of your stomach, including the part which secretes ghrelin (the ‘hunger hormone’), leaving behind a smaller ‘sleeve’ of stomach that holds less. You’ll find that you lose weight faster in the beginning - about one to two pounds per week – before it plateaus.


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What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery (also known as a sleeve gastrectomy) removes approximately 70-80% of the stomach. This leaves behind a smaller ‘sleeve’ of stomach that holds less, restricting the amount of food you can eat before you feel full. The surgery is a minimally invasive keyhole procedure, which helps you recover quicker and generally results in less pain than open surgical procedures. But, unlike gastric band surgery, it’s a non-reversible procedure.

It’s important that you’re fully aware of the implications before committing to gastric sleeve surgery, as it requires a change to the way you think about eating, drinking and exercise. Losing weight before surgery will help with your recovery, increase your rate of weight loss and help change your diet for the long term.

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How much does private gastric sleeve surgery cost in the UK?

Price on request.

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I have a question about gastric sleeve surgery

Why would I have a private sleeve gastrectomy?

Losing weight isn’t easy. You may recognise that you’re overweight but struggle with weight loss. When your general health starts to be affected, it’s time to look at all options to help you get back on track.

How should I prepare for gastric sleeve surgery?

Once surgery is agreed, you’ll need to follow a strict diet in the two weeks before the operation to prepare your body for the procedure. A pre-operative diet will help shrink your liver, allowing your surgeon to operate more easily and safely.

You’ll also be advised to stop smoking as smoking will increase your risk of getting an infection after surgery, which can slow down your recovery and lead to other complications.

What happens during the gastric sleeve surgery procedure?

You’ll be given a general anaesthetic and the procedure will be done using laparoscopic keyhole surgery. Part of your stomach is stapled and removed, leaving behind a smaller stomach.

It takes around 60-90 minutes to perform and doesn’t require long-term follow up or adjustment.

What should I expect after a vertical sleeve gastrectomy?

In most cases, you’ll be able to leave hospital after two days and we’d advise you to take two weeks off work to recover from your surgery. Recovery time varies from person to person, so it’s important to follow your Consultant’s advice.

In the two weeks after your sleeve gastrectomy you should follow a liquid diet, before easing yourself into more solid foods. While you’re recovering, you should avoid lifting heavy objects or driving. Try to be as mobile as you can to help avoid blood clots forming.

Following surgery, you’ll need to change your eating patterns and eat smaller amounts. You might notice a loss of appetite as levels of the natural appetite stimulant ghrelin fall.

You’re less likely to need any supplements after gastric sleeve surgery, as food absorption isn’t affected. Your nutritional therapist will offer nutritional advice and face-to-face follow up appointments for several months afterwards to help you and monitor progress. 

What’s the average monthly weight loss after a gastric sleeve?

One to two pounds a week is the target; you may find that you lose weight faster at first before it plateaus.

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