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24 hour blood pressure monitoring (ABPM)

24 hour blood pressure monitoring is intended to monitor your blood pressure when you go about your normal daily routine.

I have a question about 24 hour blood pressure monitoring

What is 24 hour blood pressure monitoring?

24 hour blood pressure monitoring monitors your blood pressure to check for hypertension or to find out what happens to your blood pressure throughout the day and night.

What happens during 24 hour blood pressure monitoring?

Your blood pressure will be monitored using a small blood pressure machine which is connected to a cuff around your upper arm.

Your blood pressure monitor will be fitted in your Outpatients appointment by a qualified nurse. It is usually placed inside a protective cover to ensure that the equipment does not move or get damaged over the 24 hour period. The machine takes regular readings throughout the day, usually around every 15-30 minutes during the day and every 30-60 minutes at night, but this may vary depending on the patient. You will be able to go about normal daily life with it on!

The machine will alert you when it is about to take a reading, and it is best to sit down if possible, keep your arm steady, and keep as relaxed as possible during the reading to ensure the most accurate readings. You will also need to sleep with the monitor on, and it is advised to avoid showering or bathing during the 24 hour period if possible. If you do decide to shower or bath, you will need to replace it in the same position as before.

What should I expect after 24 hour blood pressure monitoring?

Your results will be analysed and discussed with you during your next appointment.

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