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Amanda Madigan

Amanda Madigan's varicose veins were making her life pretty miserable.

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  • They were painful, especially when her job as a midwife required her to stand for very long periods, they would make her legs swell and resulted in her sometimes feeling totally fed up at the end of a long, hard day.

    But following surgery at Benenden Hospital she is now confident that her life will improve dramatically. She had Endovenous Laser Treatment on her left leg in July 2014 and six weeks later it was completely pain free. She had surgery on her right leg in August 2014 and is confident she will have similar results

    I've been so pleased with the service I've had. I've recommended Benenden membership to all of my friends.

    Mrs Amanda Madigan

    Mrs Madigan, aged 48, who lives in East London, is pleased that her Benenden membership allowed her to access the treatment.

    She said: "Years ago I had the veins in my right leg stripped, with the NHS, but they came back again at the top. I went to my GP and he said I couldn't have my varicose veins treated on the NHS this time as I did not meet the very strict criteria which the NHS has since set. I'd been a member of Benenden for several years so I called them and they were able to help.

    "I've been so pleased with the service I've had. I've recommended Benenden membership to all of my friends.

    "The first leg is perfect now. I've got no problems at all. I feel sure the other leg will be the same too, once I've had time to recover from the surgery. It has given me a new lease of life - it has really made a difference. Before I'd be reluctant to put on high heels and go out for dinner as my legs would be so swollen and painful, but now there's nothing to stop me!"

    Published 06 October 2014

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