Outpatients department

Our new Outpatients department is now open as of Monday 9th October 2017.

Patients with appointments are asked to park in the main car park and report to the Main Reception in the Atrium.

Patients for admission/day surgery, or visitors to the hospital should continue to report to the Main Reception. 

Eye Unit patients should also report to the Main Reception.

All visitors to the Hospital should report directly to the Main Reception to register.

Our new facilities are modern clean and comfortable and designed to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Our facilities include a cafeteria offering a range of fresh meals and snacks as well at hot and cold refreshments, and there is also a cash point. We appreciate that coming into hospital can be an anxious time but our friendly team are here to make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

As an outpatient after your GP has referred you to us, you will normally have an initial appointment within a clinic setting. Each stage of your treatment and expected recovery will be fully explained to you by the nursing staff and your consultant. If you are anxious about anything at all, our staff can offer advice and reassurance to help you feel at ease.

Depending on the nature of your referral, the time you spend in the clinic can vary between only spending a short time to longer periods due to you needing to have additional tests or to see other members of the clinical team, for example to have blood tests, an X-ray or a pre-operative assessment appointment. It may be helpful to bring a book, magazine, or tablet.

If you have any special requirements such as;

  • The need for an interpreter
  • Sensory (hearing/sight) requirements
  • Mobility requirements

Please let us know in advance so that we can make any arrangements to ensure you are comfortable from the moment you arrive. Please call us on 01580 240 333.

A specialist will discuss your condition with you and arrange any diagnostic tests that may be necessary, such as blood tests or X-rays. Whilst every effort will be made for you to be seen by the Consultant named in your appointment letter, occasionally another Consultant of that clinical team may see you.

Once a diagnosis has been made, you can talk about your treatment plan with your Consultant.

  • You may need further outpatient consultations, and these can be made directly with the Patient Appointment Team
  • You may be referred back to your GP for on-going care and management of your condition
  • If you need to come into hospital for surgery, we will make all the arrangements for you, and every stage of your treatment and recovery plan will be discussed with you to make sure you feel fully prepared.

Our trained staff are here to help, so if you have any questions at any time about your outpatient care, please ask a member of our staff who will be happy to help.

This is our centre for all surgical and medical outpatient clinics, appointments and those minor procedures that do not require a stay in hospital.

Specialist services available:

Gynaecology/Female Health

  • Full consultation service
  • Gynaecological procedures
  • Outpatient treatments
  • Hysteroscopy *
  • Colposcopy *

* These services are provided in the Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU)

Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)

  • Full consultation service
  • ENT procedures
  • Outpatient procedures

Urology/Urinary problems

  • Full consultation service
  • Urology procedures
  • Outpatient test and treatment
  • Cystoscopy (Endoscopy of the bladder) *
  • Urodynamics
  • Continence care service

* These services are provided in the Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU)

Ophthalmology provided by the dedicated Eye Unit

  • Full consultation service
  • Surgical treatments

General Surgery

  • Full consultation service
  • General surgical procedures
  • Outpatients treatments


  • Full diagnostic and consultation service
  • Extensive range of surgical treatments (on an in-patient basis)


  • Full consultation and minor treatment service
  • Common conditions treated


  • Full consultation service
  • Common conditions treated
  • Scopes/endoscopy procedures*

* These services are provided in the Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU)

General medicine

  • Full consultation service
  • A range of Respiratory (breathing) tests are undertaken by our experienced technician
  • Diagnostic tests and some treatments
  • Common conditions treated

Cardiology service (Non-emergency service)

  • Full consultation service
  • A range of Cardiac (heart) tests are undertaken by our experienced technician
  • Diagnostic tests


  • Full consultation service
  • Common conditions treated


Our physiotherapists design special packages of care to help patients with a wide range of problems, including:

  • Back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions
  • Breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis
  • Rheumatological conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Pathology service

Benenden Hospital's Pathology Service is provided by East Kent Hospitals Trust.

Diagnostic imaging

  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • CT
  • MRI

This department has PACS and teleradiology systems that enable images to be transmitted to other departments inside and outside the Hospital. This means results can be obtained quickly and the Consultant can share the image with you in the outpatient clinic.

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You can access treatment in a number of ways, as a self-paying or privately insured patient, a Benenden member, or as an NHS patient. Please contact Benenden Hospital to find out more.