After your stay with us

Your discharge is decided by your consultant. He or she will write to your referring clinician and GP giving details of your operation and any aftercare needed.

You will be given a fact sheet explaining what you should do after your operation and if you require medication to take home, this will be given to you before you are discharged from our in-house pharmacy. If you are prescribed other new medications following your surgery, we will provide the initial supply and you will need to contact your GP if you need further supplies.

The details of this medication will be included in your discharge letter and it is essential that you follow all instructions for taking your medication. We will also keep your GP informed about your treatment and progress. Our report will be added to your medical records and kept by your GP.

It still takes a few days to get over certain operations, just as it would if you stayed in hospital. You and your carer will be given advice about what to do at home during this time.

You will be directed back to your GP practice for the removal of sutures unless your consultant specifies otherwise. Dressing changes are usually organised with the practice/district nurses prior to discharge.

If you have any worries once you are at home, help and advice will only be a telephone call away. Our telephone number is available on our patient information leaflets and the ward will issue you with a number to call.