Annoying your partner with frequent night time toilet trips?

Mr Steve Garnett

On Wednesday 10 November, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Steve Garnett hosted a webinar on the UroLift® procedure, a treatment for enlarged prostate.

Mr Garnett shared his expert knowledge with over 90 attendees about the UroLift® procedure and the self-pay treatments we offer at our Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated Outstanding hospital. Prostate enlargement is still a taboo subject, and no one really wants to talk about it. Prostate enlargement is extremely common in men over the age of 50 and affects many men over the age of 60.

What is prostate enlargement?

Prostate enlargement is usually nothing to do with prostate cancer and is due to benign prostate enlargement (BPE). The prostate sits just beneath the bladder and, as it enlarges, it can block the path out of the bladder making the flow of urine increasingly slow and intermittent when a man passes urine.

In time this can lead to other effects on the bladder, such as wanting go to the toilet more often than normal and having to get up frequently at night.

For most, things don’t reach this stage, but you have slowly worsening symptoms that you may put up with for a long time. You may not even realise until things are treated how bad the situation had got.

Watch our webinar on the UroLift® procedure at Benenden Hospital

Tired of having to get up to use the toilet in the night?

Consultant Urologist, Mr Steve Garnett and Nurse Specialist, Jan Chaseley discuss the UroLift® procedure - a self-pay treatment for prostate enlargement, common in men over the age of 50 - available at our CQC rated Outstanding private hospital.

When should I go to the doctor?

If you’re suffering symptoms, it’s important to seek medical advice. When it begins to affect your daily routine and most importantly your sleep (and that of your partner) it’s time to seek help from your doctor. Your doctor will check the size of your prostate and your urinary flow rate and assess whether you’re suitable for treatment here. Assessments for prostate problems are straightforward and can easily be performed at Benenden Hospital in our outpatient department.

What is the UroLift® procedure?

UroLift® is a low-risk outpatient procedure that provides rapid and long-lasting relief from your inconvenient and stressful urinary symptoms associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BHP). UroLift® is a proven, minimally invasive treatment that fills the gap between prescription medications and more invasive surgical procedures for prostate problems.

Mr Garnett said: “Any man who experiences urinary symptoms that are due to prostate enlargement could potentially benefit from the Urolift® procedure. 

“One of the benefits of having Urolift® is that it is a minimally invasive procedure. We’re not cutting into the prostate it’s a much smaller procedure, which means it can be done as a day case so you can return home the same day.”

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Published on 22 November 2021