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Glyn Moore: My hip replacement experience

Glyn Moore: My hip replacement experience

Glyn Moore, a proud member of Tenterden Golf Club, had his right hip replaced at our private hospital in October 2022. “I had my left hip replaced at Benenden Hospital five years ago and I had an arthroscopy on my right knee about three years ago.” Read on to discover why Glyn chose our hospital for his orthopaedic surgeries and why he advises you to do the same.

“My wife and I have been members of Benenden since we moved to the area about twenty years ago and quickly became aware of its excellent reputation locally. That and the convenience of choice of times to be seen for consultations and surgery made the decision to use Benenden a no brainer. Although the hip and knee procedures were NHS referrals we know that our membership covers a number of other common treatments “

How would you describe your symptoms?

“My initial symptoms were of discomfort rather than pain but it was there with me all the time, particularly when I was lying in bed. I’m a very keen golfer and I’m a member at Tenterden Golf Club. I also enjoy walking, but of course, when your hip is causing you discomfort it makes these activities more difficult.

“Prior to my hip replacement surgery, I was fully assessed and was told surgery under anaesthetic was the best treatment option for my symptoms. Post hip replacement surgery I received excellent physiotherapy at Benenden Hospital too, tailored to my particular requirements.”

Glyn's hip replacement surgery success

Glyn had his right hip replaced by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mt Kumar Reddy, after suffering from painful, debilitating symptoms. Listen to him talking about his journey at our CQC rated Outstanding private hospital.

Consultant, staff and surroundings

“The Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon I saw for both my hip replacement surgeries was Mr Kumar Reddy. He supported me from my initial consultation and throughout my patient journey. He’s a really lovely guy and very funny too.

“From the outset, with all three of my procedures, my experience was very good. The staff took their time to explain things carefully and clearly before surgery as well as post-surgery including what help I could access to get me back on my feet as soon as possible. They were also available to ask any questions I had about the surgery from anaesthesia to recovery times and any other concerns that are normal to have surrounding orthopaedic surgery.

“From the minute you walk into the hospital atrium to be greeted at reception through to all the other people who care for you – from the nurses to the catering staff, you can’t fault their friendliness and they’re such a happy bunch of people.

“Benenden Hospital itself is very pleasant. It’s extremely clean – I think that’s probably the most noticeable aspect: it’s clean and tidy. Most rooms are ensuite, they’re a great location often with decent views to the Kent countryside and good facilities in the rooms too from the TV to the lighting.”

Patient journey and recovery

“Once I began to experience my hip discomfort, my first port of call was my local GP and she very quickly arranged for me to be referred to a Consultant here at Benenden Hospital. I’ve been a member of Benenden Health for years and it was nice to know that a facility so close to home was available at a time when I needed it.

“Speaking four weeks after my surgery, I’ve regained pretty much full mobility and I can walk without crutches or sticks. I was given good guidance by the physiotherapy team to make sure that I both stretched myself but also didn’t overdo it so I’m very pleased at the rate of recovery. The importance of daily exercise was stressed, and I’ve kept up that regime by walking around the house and doing limited walks outside too. Four weeks after my joint replacement surgery, I’m at a much better place than I thought I’d be.”

Tenterden Golf Club partnership

“I would certainly recommend this hospital to anyone and I’m really pleased to say that Benenden Hospital and my own golf club have entered into a partnership with each other. This gives members of our golf club discounts on certain treatments. I shall definitely be promoting Benenden Hospital to the members of our club to use this first-class local private hospital.”

Glyn’s advice

“My advice to anyone considering joint replacement surgery is to seek expert advice as soon as possible. The quicker you move the quicker it will be sorted out, particularly if you do need surgery. Go to your GP or make an appointment at Benenden Hospital.”

“My top tip is to do something as soon as you notice a problem and it will be sorted faster and with less discomfort to you.”

Considering private hip and knee replacement surgery?

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Published on 08 May 2024