Anne Forbes: successful hip surgery

Anne Forbes' successful hip replacement

After having two hip replacements at the age of just 52 Anne Forbes says she has now has her life back.

Before the operations, in April 2014 and August 2014, Mrs Forbes was having to walk with crutches. If she wanted to go shopping she needed a wheelchair and she was beginning to need the wheelchair just to get around her home.

Following the two operations she is now walking again, completely unaided and says the surgery has made "an enormous difference".

"I would certainly recommend Mr Chipperfield and Benenden Hospital."

The hip replacements at such a young age were necessary due to Mrs Forbes suffering arthritis and also because of a number of serious falls over the years while horse riding and enjoying other sporting activities.

Before resorting to surgery Mrs Forbes tried both osteopathy and physiotherapy, but to no avail. She was in constant pain and unable to function normally and so decided that something more drastic was necessary.

Mrs Forbes visited her GP for help and he agreed to refer her to a specialist. Under the NHS Choose and Book scheme she was given a choice of hospitals and consultants and after some research online the mother-of-four picked Benenden Hospital and consultant orthopaedic surgeon Alex Chipperfield.

She said: "I've been gobsmacked at the results. I was able to walk up two flights of stairs just a day after having the second operation. It has changed my life completely.

"I would certainly recommend Mr Chipperfield and Benenden Hospital. The whole team at Benenden were brilliant from the gardeners and grounds people to the cleaners and the nurses, who all allow Mr Chipperfield to shine. It is an amazing place."

Mr Chipperfield said he was very pleased with his patient's rapid and dramatic results, but refused to take full credit, saying Mrs Forbes had put in a lot of hard work and determination during her post-operative period. He also praised his team at Benenden Hospital. He said: "As a surgeon I agree that the friendly and caring environment at Benenden Hospital provides patients the ideal foundations for their recovery."

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Published on 19 December 2016