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Phil Golding: my nursing journey

Benenden Hospital's Ward Manager Phil Golding

2020 has been designated by the World Health Organisation as the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. To celebrate all nurses and inspire others, our nursing team is sharing some of their high points and influences from their nursing journeys.

Phil Golding, Manager for Wards and Practice Development

How did your nursing journey start?

I began working in a nursing home while training to become a florist. I soon learnt that I enjoyed the diversity of care work and progressed to become an auxiliary nurse at Pembury Hospital. I was very fortunate to be seconded by the NHS Trust to attend university for three years to undertake my nursing diploma.

What or who has been your biggest influence or point of reference throughout your career and why?

It’s really difficult to pinpoint one person or situation, but I’ve taken little bits from lots of people who I’ve admired throughout my career and used those to shape the person I am today. Throughout my career I’ve been inspired by many people from chief executives to volunteers.

What do you love most about being a nurse?

I love the diversity that nursing offers and I enjoy being able to make a real difference to people. Throughout my career I have always worked in relatively large teams, I appreciate every role within the nursing team and recognise that every role is as important as the next. There are many facets to nursing, medical and surgical, the young and the old and I’ve enjoyed working within all sectors.

What attracted you to work in your current role at Benenden Hospital?

I came to work at Benenden to gain a greater insight into surgical nursing, to see what nursing in the private sector was like and how this differed from the NHS.

What is the best part of your working day?

I enjoy all aspects of the day, from patient care, recruitment, staff management, working with others and problem solving.

What advice would you give to your student nurse self?

To embrace every opportunity offered, be open minded about career paths and appreciate the impact your interventions have on others.

What challenges do you think Nursing faces in 2020 and beyond?

For me, the main challenges are the National vacancies for registered nurses in the UK, I think that we will see more nurses training via the apprenticeship model.

To find out more about a career in nursing visit NHS Nursing careers.

Published on 03 July 2020