Bariatric surgery Q&A with Mr Ahmed Hamouda

The bariatric surgery team at Benenden Hospital is led by Mr Ahmed Hamouda, a surgeon with a decade of experience and one of the few surgeons offering the full spectrum of weight loss procedures.

With more than 800 keyhole bariatric procedures under his belt, he will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis to decide the best option for you, and alongside him is a team of nurses, diet and nutrition experts and psychologists to support you through each stage of your weight loss journey.

We spoke with Mr Hamouda to find answers to some of the questions’ patients considering weight loss surgery may have. This is what he told us:

At what stage would someone have to seriously consider weight loss surgery – do they have to have been diagnosed as “obese”?

Obesity is now graded according to a person’s BMI, which is a rough measure of their weight related to their height. If a person’s BMI is above 30, they are considered obese, with those above 40 in the morbidly obese category. Some types of procedures such as balloon or band are offered at a BMI of 30 or above, while more involved procedures such as sleeve or bypass are reserved for those at a BMI of 35 or above, with a weight related ailment.

Is weight loss surgery a last resort procedure?

Most people who come to see me have already tried all the diets they can muster and have made lifestyle changes without much success, or with a clear yo-yo weight regain pattern. It becomes quite clear to them that they need a more definitive and powerful tool, which is what surgery offers.

What is the patient pathway, from the first appointment/meeting with yourself through to surgery and discharge?

A patient will book an initial no-obligation consultation simply by calling our Private Patient Team on 01580 363 559 and at that first meeting I will carry out a full assessment including medical, dietary and medication history. We discuss the various procedures and choose the most suitable, tailored to an individual’s specific situation. The patient will then have time away to think about it and call back to book, if that is there final choice.

A streamlined pre-assessment is arranged and once all the boxes are ticked, they come in for their surgery, and usually spending one, or two nights convalescing. There is no drain for tubes following surgery and most will be pain free and walking the wards on their first day. Patients are discharged with all the necessary medication and continue to see me and members of my team throughout the follow up period.

What forms of weight-loss surgery are performed at Benenden Hospital?

We offer all the mainstream options including balloon, band, sleeve, and bypass in its various forms and soon we’ll be introducing the endoscopic sleeve to the list of options.

Can you explain what each of the procedures entails?

Broadly speaking, bariatric procedures are restrictive, with some adding an element of mal-absorption or alteration in gut hormone levels. What this means is they work to make the stomach smaller or the space tighter and some operations decrease the sense of craving as well as decrease the richness derived from food

Does Benenden Hospital provide a specific dietary programme for patients to follow, post-surgery?

Yes, and this is embedded within our overall program with the help of our diet and nutrition experts. They offer pre as well as post operation support with clinics, telephone calls, emails, and written materials

Might a patient have to return for further surgery in a few years’ time?

This goes against our principles of choosing the best procedure from the start and the principle that the person is fully responsible for the outcome.

Is weight loss surgery right for anyone wanting to lose weight?

It is if they have been trying and failing and they fit the criteria.

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Consultant Surgeon, Mr Ahmed Hamouda and Surgical Care Practitioner, Maria Duckworth discuss how the benefits of weight loss surgery can be long-lasting and support you to make the change to a healthier future.

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Published on 29 November 2020