Successful cataract surgery for Susan Pinks

Successful cataract surgery for Susan Pinks

Sight in her left eye had deteriorated so badly and so rapidly that Susan Pinks was considering giving up driving. She was also starting to struggle to take part in dressage competitions with her horse.

Mrs Pinks, aged 65, had received treatment for a cataract in her left eye three years previously, with the NHS. Initially the operation, was a success, but suddenly, over a period of just three weeks, there was a radical change and sight in the left eye became extremely blurred and cloudy.

She faced a wait of many weeks if she returned to the NHS for treatment and so instead she contacted Benenden Hospital. She was told that as a private patient she could have treatment the very next day.

Mrs Pinks, from Kent, had YAG laser surgery, at the cost of £350. The treatment took just a few minutes and her sight was clear and improved immediately.

She said: “I think it was the best £350 I have ever spent. I was so miserable at not being able to see properly and thinking that I was going to have to ask my husband to start driving me and the horse trailer plus horse off to various competitions and training sessions. My vision had deteriorated so fast that I was on the verge of not driving.

“I wasn’t really worried about having the treatment but a delightful nurse from the Eye Unit talked me through the procedure before putting some drops in my eye. I then saw the consultant ophthalmologist and 10 zaps and just a few minutes later it was done. I noticed the difference immediately. I could see clearly again straight away. It was brilliant. It was my birthday the following day – and what a fantastic present! A minor miracle. The whole experience was brilliant and the staff so helpful, friendly and very efficient.”

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Published on 16 December 2016