John Hobbins' successful cataract surgery

John Hobbins' successful cataract surgery

Fed up with needing his glasses adjusted and frequently replaced and also tired of losing and constantly cleaning them, John Hobbins decided to have cataract surgery on both eyes and to have special multi focal lenses fitted at the same time.

Mr Hobbins, 71, of Tenterden, Kent, had his surgery at the beginning of April (2016). Less than a month later he went on a cruise having been told his surgery had been very successful.

He was told he had cataracts in both eyes and that treatment was needed during an annual visit to his optician.

"Previously I’d worn multi focal glasses, but they were always slipping off my nose. The lenses were always sticky and needed cleaning. I used to replace them about once a year, which was expensive. I wore glasses all the time, as I couldn’t really see without them, nothing was in focus. I had to have constant trips to the optician, as they always needed adjusting.

“The surgery has made a big difference. I don’t need to wear glasses at all now. In the past I had tried contact lenses but I really didn’t get on with them.

“Now my vision is good. The cataract surgery was covered under my Benenden membership. I just had to pay for the special multi focal lenses. It was money well spent."

“I arrived at Benenden at 7.45am and by 9am everything was done. Staff in the Eye Unit were lovely, they were very proactive and knew what they were doing. I had every confidence in them.”

Mr Hobbins asked to be referred to Benenden Hospital having worked there from 2001 – 2010 as a Medical Laboratory Assistant in Phlebotomy and as a Physiological Measurement Technician. His wife Judy also worked at the Hospital, as a nurse in theatres and the former fertility centre, from 1972 – 2014.

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Published on 16 December 2016