Laparascopic cholecystectomy

This is an operation to remove painful gallstones and gallbladder.

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What is laparascopic cholecystectomy?

This is an operation to remove gallstones and gallbladder.

Why would I have laparascopic cholecystectomy?

If you are suffering from pain from gallstones, your doctor may recommend that you have a laparascopic cholecystectomy.

What happens during Laparascopic cholecystectomy?

The operation will take about an hour and is performed under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will use keyhole surgery to make a small incision on or near your umbilicus so they can perform the surgery. Your surgeon will remove the gallbladder from your abdomen.

What should I expect after surgery?

You should be able to leave the hospital the same day as your surgery. You will not be able to drive for at least 24 hours after the operation.

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