Varicose vein removal

Healthy legs need healthy veins and at Benenden Hospital our specialists use state-of-the-art non-invasive laser treatments to quickly remove varicose veins and minimise pain and recovery time.



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Varicose veins can leave many people feeling self-conscious about wearing shorts or skirts due to their unsightly nature and can often become swollen and painful. We offer a range of state-of-the-art treatments for the safe and non-invasive removal of varicose veins without scarring.

Varicose veins are often not hard to miss; they’re the bulging and blue veins that occur in the legs. They’re caused by the failure of valves in the vein. Normally, these valves ensure that blood flows upwards from the feet back to the heart. When they stop working properly, blood accumulates, and it becomes a varicose vein.

Around a third of people develop a form of the problem at some time during their life. Troublesome veins can occur at any age in both men and women but most commonly in women after pregnancy.

Some sufferers feel their varicose veins are unsightly, others also experience pain, especially if they’ve been standing for long periods. The problem can be purely cosmetic, such as thread veins and other skin blemishes and sometimes it can be much more serious, in the case of deep vein thrombosis or leg ulcers.

Our specialist consultant surgeons use the most effective method of varicose vein removal:

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)

Our consultants were the first in the South of England to use EVLT. EVLT can be done entirely under local anaesthetic with minimal surgical incisions. The post-operative discomfort and bruising is less than with traditional surgery, there is little or no scarring, the recovery time is much shorter, and you can simply walk in and walk out the same day. There’s also less chance of the problem recurring. You’ll be treated by one of our internationally renowned vascular surgeons, Mr Eddie Chaloner or Mr Aaron Sweeney, who have treated more than 10,000 patients using EVLT, since 2002. So you know you’re in safe and experienced hands.

To help them select the right treatment for you, the first thing they’ll do is use painless and non-invasive ultrasound equipment to detect the exact problem.

Prices for EVLT can be found on our price list page here.


Thread veins, also called spider veins, are tiny blood vessels just under the skin which can look unsightly. They come in a variety of sizes and colours. The larger ones look blue, and the smaller ones tend to look red. They’re common in women and commonly appear on the legs. Thread veins aren’t dangerous, but it’s perfectly understandable to want them treated for cosmetic reasons. We offer a range of thread vein removal treatments by injection sclerotherapy or various types of laser thread vein treatment or other light treatments.

About thread vein treatment

The larger blue thread veins can be successfully treated with injections of a chemical to seal them from the inside. This is called sclerotherapy and can require several sessions of treatment, depending on the number of veins and the desired result. But always remember that good results require a little patience. The great news is that fifty percent of vessels treated at any one session usually disappear.

The finer tiny red thread veins which are too small to inject can be treated by Intense Pulsed light treatment, which is a form of skin laser. This usually works well and is relatively painless. Again, most patients need several sessions of treatment, depending on the number of veins and the desired result.

Usually, the NHS will only treat the most severe and painful cases of varicose veins. Thankfully, Benenden Hospital patients can self-fund treatment when they decide the problem is affecting their lives or state of mind. And they can rest assured that the treatment will be fast, minimally-invasive and won’t leave scarring.

If you’re suffering serious discomfort, you shouldn’t leave symptoms untreated as problems can develop to create venous ulcers, which are difficult to treat.

You can arrange your varicose vein removal at Benenden Hospital in a number of ways: as a self-paying or privately insured patient; or as a Benenden member.

Self-funded or paying through medical insurance?
Find out more about treatment or make an appointment by giving us a call on 01580 242 521. You don’t require a GP referral for this treatment.

A Benenden member?
Benenden members can only access this service if there is a medical requirement, it is not covered if the condition is purely cosmetic. Benenden members, once they have a GP referral will need to contact Benenden member services on 0800 414 8100 and follow the ethos of Benenden which asks them to explore the care available through the NHS first.

For a full list of prices, visit our price list page.

EVLT - Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove varicose veins

Sclerotherapy - injection into varicose veins

Sclerotherapy is a treatment for varicose veins and spider veins which involves injecting a special foam or fluid into the affected veins, causing them to collapse and, over time, to turn into scar tissue that fades from view.

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Private varicose veins removal surgery enquiries

Contact us today and speak to one of our Private Patient Advisors about self-funding your varicose vein removal surgery.

Contact us today and speak to one of our Private Patient Advisors about self-funding your varicose vein removal surgery.