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Vicky Mason

Having needed contact lenses and glasses for more than 25 years Vicky Mason is thrilled that her cataract surgery means she no longer needs them.

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  • Cataract surgery
  • Mrs Mason, had cataract surgery at Benenden Hospital on both eyes on the same day, as suggested by the consultant.

    Just the following day there was a "miraculous" improvement in her eye sight and two months after the operations she said she is "thrilled" with the results

    Within a few days my vision was perfect; I could drive and didn't need glasses at all. It's wonderful.

    Mrs Vicky Mason

    Mrs Mason, from Hawkhurst, Kent, who worked at Benenden Hospital for many years and has a background in nursing, said: "The Consultant has given me distance vision in one eye and reading vision in the other. I have worn contact lenses that have done this for years but didn't know it was possible with replacement lenses for cataract surgery and I was also thrilled that both eyes could be done on the same day".

    "Thorough tests were carried out at the hospital's Eye Unit and a marked astigmatism was found so I was told that a Toric lens would be best for me.

    "The optometrist and surgeon calculated precisely and the very next day I could see as well as I'd seen in ages. Within a few days my vision was perfect; I could drive and didn't need glasses at all. It's wonderful."

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