Once you have discussed the appropriate options with your patient, and confirmed that we offer the required treatment, it may be possible to make an appointment before the patient leaves the surgery. If they require more time to consider their options, they can take the appointment request letter away and make an appointment at a later date by phone.

The NHS e-Referral Service also allows you to provide your referral letter.

For more information on NHS e-Referral Service visit https://www.ebs.ncrs.nhs.uk/

Send a referral letter in the post or by fax

GPs that do not use the NHS e-Referral Service can still refer NHS patients to Benenden Hospital, by simply sending a referral letter in the post or by fax.

Firstly, complete the NHS referral form. Clearly indicate on the referral letter that this is for an NHS patient. Indicate that the patient has requested Benenden Hospital and include contact details of the patient.

Next, fax the referral to the Patient Appointment Department at Benenden Hospital on 0870 238 7193 or post the referral to:

Benenden Hospital Trust,
Goddard’s Green Road,
TN17 4AX.

For more information on referring to Benenden Hospital call the GP hotline on 01580 242 521.