Hospital introduces the MonaLisa Touch®

Hospital introduces the MonaLisa Touch®

Revolutionary treatment which could transform women’s lives is now being offered at Benenden Hospital.

The Hospital, in Benenden, near Cranbrook, is introducing a new and ground breaking treatment called the MonaLisa Touch ®. Benenden is one of the first hospitals in the UK to offer the treatment and the only hospital in Kent. The service has been introduced as part of the Hospital’s commitment to women’s health.

As well as helping menopausal women the treatment may also help younger women who are experiencing similar symptoms as a result of hormonal treatment or chemotherapy for cancer.

The MonaLisa Touch ®  is a non-surgical laser technology treatment for women who have vaginal discomforts such as as dryness, burning, vulvar itching and painful intercourse. These are symptoms of vaginal atrophy, a thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls, due to the body having less oestrogen.

These symptoms are often associated with the menopause but can also happen after breast cancer treatment. The MonaLisa Touch ® is used widely across the world having treated more than 20,000 women.

By acting on tissue of the vagina the laser stimulates the production of collagen, improving the functioning of the treated area and restoring proper blood flow, reversing the effects of vaginal atrophy.

The treatment is carried out during three short sessions over a period of around 18 weeks and takes place in an Outpatient setting. A follow up annual treatment is also required. It does not require anaesthetic. Each treatment lasts just a few minutes, it is delivered at four - six weekly intervals and many patients report a significant improvement in symptoms even after the first session.

At Benenden Hospital the treatment will be available to private patients and at a discounted price to Benenden members. Private medically insured women would need to speak with their provider to see if they were covered for the condition.

Rowan Connell, who leads the Gynaecology team at Benenden Hospital, said: “This is a huge step forward for women who can’t take oestrogen for vaginal dryness. It is quick, painless and minimally invasive. It has been shown to be very effective.” 

The MonaLisa Touch® treatment is for:

  • postmenopausal women who do not wish to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • women who tried HRT but did not find relief for vaginal dryness
  • women who cannot have HRT, for instance, women who have been treated for breast cancer
  • women who have tried other treatments with no success
  • Peri-menopausal women (women in their late forties) who have been troubled by vaginal dryness but do not want to take HRT
  • Women who have had chemotherapy for cancer, women who have had pelvic radiation therapy for cancer and women who have had hormonal treatment following breast cancer

The MonaLisa Touch® is not an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Some women taking HRT may get additional benefit from the MonaLisa Touch®. The two treatments are not mutually exclusive.

To find out more please contact our Private Patient team on 01580 363158.

MonaLisa Touch® is a registered trademark of DEKA M.E.L.A. srl

Published on 30 July 2019