Hospital welcomes new dietitian

Hospital welcomes new dietitian

Patients using Benenden Hospital’s new bariatric service will have access to a dietitian, both before and after their surgery.

The Hospital is working in partnership with Katie Peck, from Peck Nutrition. Katie has had a full time private practice since 2007 and has carried out more than 5,200 consultations. She sees clients at Kings Hill, Harley Street and also at an independent hospital in Maidstone. Katie is British born and was raised in New Zealand where she trained at a dietitian. She is a member of the British Dietetic Association.

Katie will help patients prepare for their weight loss surgery, will give them information on what they need to do for the first six weeks after surgery and will continue to see them for 12 months after surgery, helping them to re-learn eating behaviours.

Katie will work closely with the Hospital’s Consultant Bariatric Surgeon Ahmed Hamouda, who leads the new weight loss service which was launched in September.

The dietician said: “I like the thorough approach that Benenden Hospital has, it’s a lovely location and I feel that the staff are dedicated to the services they provide.

“Dietetic support is an integral part of the Hospital’s new bariatric service. I will be helping clients to prepare for the surgery as well as healing afterwards.”

The Hospital’s weight loss service is run in partnership with Weight Loss Surgery Kent. For patients who opt for surgery the Hospital now offers gastric bands or a sleeve gastrectomy.

A gastric band is where a band is placed laparoscopically (through keyhole surgery) around the top of the stomach, creating an hour glass effect that both restricts the amount of food that can be consumed and also giving a sense of early fullness.

Sleeve gastrectomy is also performed via keyhole surgery. This technique removes around 70-80% of the stomach, also restricting the amount of food that can be consumed and reducing food craving. This technique is non-reversible.

The new service is available to private self-paying patients. Benenden members will be offered a discount.

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Published on 20 October 2016