Richard Walters' hip replacement surgery

Richard Walters' hip replacement surgery

Richard Walters has recently enjoyed a walking holiday in the Yorkshire Dales thanks to a hip replacement which was carried out at Benenden Hospital.

Not being a driver Mr Walters has always relied on walking for getting around but in recent years this was becoming more and more difficult, not to mention painful.

Mr Walters put off visiting his GP but when he eventually did he was referred to Benenden Hospital and consultant orthopaedic surgeon Matthew Oliver.

"I'm very pleased with the results as it has made such a difference"

Mr Walters said: "I was told my hip was in a very wasted condition. Mr Oliver was surprised that I was walking on it as well as I was. At the time there was a lot of pain in my leg and it was becoming increasingly difficult walking on that leg.

"I left it and left it before going to the doctor, as perhaps many people do. When I saw Mr Oliver he told me I needed a hip replacement.

"I'm very pleased with the results as it has made such a difference. I am now walking so much better and now I can walk easily and freely. My wife and I both enjoy walking and we recently walked a few trails in Yorkshire which were just under five miles long, which I could not have contemplated before the operation. It would have been too painful before.

"I made a quick recovery. I was in hospital for just three nights and then I went home. I saw Mr Oliver seven weeks after my operation and at that point I gave up my crutches. I then walked with the aid of a stick but stopped using that after a short time as I didn't really need it.

"I am very pleased with the treatment I received at Benenden Hospital. Mr Oliver was very painstaking and thorough and extremely understanding. The care at the hospital was excellent and I could not fault it."

Mr Walters, aged 66, is a former civil servant who lives in Essex. He is a member of Benenden. He came to Benenden Hospital as a private patient for his hip operation, taking advantage of a discount which was on offer to members at the time.

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Published on 15 December 2016