Cataract surgery success for June Starbuck

Cataract surgery success for June Starbuck

Seventy-eight-year-old June Starbuck had worn glasses since the age of 11 - but thanks to eye specialists at Benenden Hospital, she no longer needs them.

Before her cataract surgery at Benenden Hospital Mrs Starbuck had three pairs of glasses - one for distance, one for close up and a pair of multifocal glasses for everything else. However, even with three pairs of glasses on the go, her vision was often blurred, there would be blank spaces where the cataracts were, she would sometimes have double vision and she could not watch television. Her poor sight also prevented her from enjoying her passion for sewing and quilting.

Mrs Starbuck had both eyes treated at the same time, in July 2014 and said she is "thrilled to bits" with the results. She said: "I visited the Benenden Hospital website and I read the section about cataracts. I saw that Benenden was offering a new type of lens, where people can then do away with glasses and I wanted to give it a go.

"I had a consultation and was told the lenses would be perfect for me - and they are. My sight just keeps getting better and better. I'm thrilled to bits.

"The operations were fantastic - I didn't feel a thing. I had the anaesthetic eye drops at 3pm and by 4.07pm both eyes were done. It was amazing. As I got off the couch the nurses asked me if I could see the time on the clock on the wall and I could, very clearly. I was driving again four days later.

"I've recommended Benenden to all of my friends. I was well looked after and everyone was so kind and caring. Staff from the eye unit phoned me the next day to see how I was getting on and they phoned me again a week later, which I thought was very nice.

"Now I wake up I the morning and I open my eyes and think it is so amazing that I can see clearly once again."

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Published on 16 December 2016