A successful subtotal hysterectomy for Cristina Freeman

A successful hysterectomy for Cristina Freeman

Former patient Cristina Freeman has described her care at Benenden Hospital as “sensitive” “marvellous” and “fantastic”.

Mrs Freeman, 52, from Essex, had a subtotal hysterectomy at the Hospital after pre-cancerous polyps were found. Previously she had feared there was a problem but was told she would have to wait five months to have diagnostic tests with the NHS.

Unhappy with the waiting time Mrs Freeman called Benenden, having been a member for many years – and had tests at Benenden Hospital two weeks later and her surgery soon after that.

She said: “I am still amazed at the kindness, professionalism and quality of care I have received. This was a very traumatic experience for me and all the staff have gone above and beyond their call of duty, they have done everything humanly possible to make my suffering and recovery as smooth as possible. They were like angels to me. I would like to thank the staff for everything they have done, for the support, the smiles, the empathy and the kindness. Above all I want to thank Benenden for having such an exquisite quality of care towards their patients. It is a blessing to be a member of Benenden.”

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Published on 16 December 2016