Cataract surgery helped me get back to what I love doing

Alan Tompkins’s deteriorating eyesight was making it difficult for him to carry out daily activities and enjoy his hobbies, until he opted to have cataract surgery at our hospital.

Why did you choose to have cataract surgery?

“My vision in the few years before my cataract surgery had gradually been getting worse and it was getting very foggy too. I was wearing glasses but in the end these did not help.

“I began to find everyday activities increasingly difficult, such as reading and participating in my favourite hobby which is woodwork. Not being able to read properly or to work delicately with the wood became very frustrating for me.

“We have animals at home, so I was also finding it hard to care for them daily. For example, I could not see the sheep’s feet to identify when they needed to be clipped. Furthermore, I was always banging my head into the doorframes, hence why I constantly had a cut or a bruise on my head.

“I have been a member of Benenden Health for around 40 years now. The first treatment I decided to have was the removal of a cataract from my right eye. Then, about five weeks later, I went back and had a cataract removed from my left eye.

How was your experience at Benenden Hospital?

“When I first arrived at the hospital, the beautiful new entrance to the reception was very welcoming. I could not have been better informed both pre-op or post-op. The clinical and nursing staff were very supportive throughout the whole procedure.

“Benenden Hospital is a very professional and thorough place. They make you feel at ease from your initial assessment through to your operation. When you’ve returned home, you receive a call from the nursing staff to make sure that everything was and still is okay.

How did cataract surgery help improve your vision?

“Having my cataracts removed has changed my life immensely. I hadn’t realised how poor my eyesight had gotten. Immediately, I could see colour which I hadn’t been able to see for a long time. My day-to-day life has changed for the better since my cataract procedure. I can get on with my woodwork again and I can care for my animals confidently too. Also, I am not bearing scars or bruises on my head anymore!”

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Published on 06 September 2021