Our Matrons play a key role at our Hospital

Our Matrons Matron play a key role at our Hospital

We're renowned for high standards of care, cleanliness and an excellent patient experience. Key to this is the role of the Matron.

The Matron historically may have been a figure to be feared, but that’s not the case today. Our Matrons have a wealth of clinical experience between them and have worked in many different settings which serves to provide a holistic understanding of healthcare.

The Matron is a clinically credible leader, highly visible and easily recognised by patients, visitors and staff alike by their striking uniforms which includes the traditional hat.

We have two matrons, Ali Curtis and Zoe Andrews, who together cover all the hospital’s clinical services. Their passion and focus to ensure the patient is at the heart of all that we do, while promoting the culture of an organisation that has the time and space to care.

Our Matrons are responsible for maintaining excellent standards across all clinical areas while ensuring services are delivered efficiently and in a cost-effective way. Ali and Zoe are frontline individuals who lead their services to ensure patients are safe and that their treatment is delivered with care and compassion.

Ali and Zoe have complete operational responsibility for their services, which ranges from patient experience through to quality clinical governance and budgets.  In the clinical areas, Matrons ensure a daily presence, which gives great support and assurance to both patients and staff and is regularly mentioned by patients in their feedback. 

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Published on 25 July 2020