Be inspired by the Olympics – but know your limits

Be inspired by the Olympics – but know your limits

As the Olympics energises the nation the advice from an orthopaedic surgeon at Benenden Hospital is to know your limits, warm up well and to be aware of niggling injuries and to rest them until they are completely better.

Jamie Buchanan, who is an upper limb surgeon, also advises people who suffer a sporting injury to seek professional help promptly, to prevent it becoming more serious and possibly preventing future participation in a favourite sport.

His advice comes at the start of the two week Rio Olympics 2016.

Mr Buchanan said sporting injuries usually fit into two categories: injury from excessive use or impact injury. He said the 50 plus age group usually suffer from excessive use, such as tendon injuries in shoulders whereas a younger person would be more likely to have an impact injury, where there could be damage to tendons and ligaments from trauma, or perhaps a dislocation of a shoulder, possibly form sports such as rugby, boxing or wrestling.

The consultant orthopaedic surgeon said in his opinion the most common sports to result in injury are contact sports such as rugby, soccer and boxing.

However, research just released by the health and wellbeing provide Benenden is slightly different in that it concludes that the top three sports most likely to cause injuries are football, running and rugby. The other sports in the top 10 are cycling, swimming, weightlifting, tennis, martial arts, horse riding and badminton.

The research also showed that only one in five people seek medical help for a sporting injury as they simply “couldn’t be bothered” even though a third (29%) said they were still suffering as a consequence.

Benenden Hospital is Benenden’s flagship hospital, treating members of Benenden, private patients and some NHS patients through the e-referral scheme.

Mr Buchanan said: “Here at Benenden Hospital we have a group of surgeons who are used to dealing with sport injuries of all sorts. If someone has suffered an injury and has been putting up with pain for more than two weeks they really need to speak to someone.

“Often when an injury is dealt with promptly it can prevent it from becoming much more serious. If left untreated it could result in the person not being able to do their favourite sport ever again.”
Benenden Hospital also has a physiotherapy unit, which often treats patients with sports injuries.

The top 10 tips from the Hospital’s physiotherapists are:

  • Wear appropriate protective gear and equipment for the given sport
  • Do not over train and rest when you need to
  • Always do a warm up
  • Always stretch after exercise
  • Avoid exercise when tired or in pain
  • Make sure you are using the correct technique
  • Always start of slowly
  • Avoid training every day to allow your body to recover
  • Rehydrate regularly during exercise
  • Follow a regular conditioning program of exercises designed specifically for your sport

For more information on Benenden Hospital’s orthopaedic and physiotherapy services please phone the Hospital on 01580 363158.

For the full findings on Benenden’s sports injuries research please visit:,-running-and-rugby-revealed-to-carry-the-greatest-risk-of-injury-in-new-benenden-research/

Published on 08 August 2016