Hospital encourages science students

Hospital encourages science students

Benenden Hospital put on a day of activities for five pupils from Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs, after they were chosen as one of the winners in a competition called Bright Sparks.

The competition is organised annually by the Kent Messenger Group and this year Benenden Hospital was one of the sponsors. The contest aims to encourage future inventors and innovators. The Hospital was asked to provide an experience based prize.

The team of five from Dane Court were chosen as winners by Hospital Director Jane Abbott who was impressed with their design of a thermal data calibrator.

During their day at the Hospital the pupils went inside an operating theatre, visited the Hospital’s £1.85 million Sterile Services Department where equipment is cleaned and sterilised, watched a presentation about a man who had been blinded following a chemical explosion at his workplace and took part in a hand hygiene session, where they put their hands under a UV light which showed up areas they had missed despite washing their hands with soap and water.

Jane Barlow, Benenden Hospital’s PR Executive, said: “It was an absolute delight to have the girls with us for the day. They were enthusiastic, polite and great ambassadors for the school. They enjoyed touring our facilities here at Benenden and we enjoyed having them here.

“The girls are hoping to pursue careers in various fields following their A'Levels next year, with their aspirations including dentistry, architecture, international development and advertising. I’m sure they will be very successful in whatever they decide to do and I hope we provided some inspiration during their day with us.”

Published on 06 October 2016