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Knee replacement surgery


A knee replacement means worn and damaged bone is replaced with implants through an incision in the side or centre of the knee. The metal and plastic implants provide a smooth surface so the bones no longer rub together and the joint can function in the same way as a healthy knee.

Preparing you for a successful operation

After your initial consultation which will, where possible, include diagnostic imaging and tests on the same day, you will be given an appointment for pre-operative assessment and an education programme to ensure the best possible results from your operation. This means your fitness for anaesthesia will be assessed and confirmed. A date for surgery will be arranged. Any questions you have can be answered, full information on your stay provided and you'll also be entered into our Rapid Recovery Programme. 

Our knee replacement surgery is performed by a highly skilled team of consultants|.

What you can expect on the day

On the day of your surgery, you'll be admitted to the admissions area. You'll then have a meeting with your consultant and anaesthetist before you're prepared for theatre. For a knee replacement or resurfacing operation, an incision will be made down the centre or at the side of the knee and then closed with stitches or clips. On average your operation will take up to an hour and a half. Once your operation is complete, you will be taken to the recovery room so we can observe you closely for up to three hours until you are fit to return to your room.

What happens after your operation

Your recovery in hospital usually takes approximately three days and will be managed by a highly skilled team of nurses and physiotherapists. Every day you will be visited by a physiotherapist who will help you to start to regain your mobility through carefully planned exercise. Understandably, you can expect your knee to be tender and painful at first.

Getting discharged

You will probably be discharged after three days following your operation. However, everyone is different, so you'll only be discharged once we're happy that it is safe for you to leave. Most people make a good recovery but an artificial knee never feels the same as a normal knee. For instance, kneeling down is not recommended as it is usually uncomfortable. A replacement can also wear out over time.


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