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Improving hip surgery recovery time


To aid your hip replacement recovery time your Surgeon and Physiotherapist will take you through a specific recovery plan, which you will need to carefully follow.
The exercises have been developed to ensure that your recovery is as effective as possible and you should not attempt to do exercises that are not prescribed to you or attempt to deviate from the schedule.  

Rapid-recovery-benenden-hospitalThe programme focuses on getting you out of bed and starting to move the joint as soon as possible with the support of pain relief management. Your joint needs time to properly heal and regain its full function.

By following the Rapid Recovery Programme you will ensure you have the best possible chance of making a full and active recovery.

The Rapid recovery plan allows quick yet safe recovery from a hip replacement operation. Through the programme the average stay in hospital is reduced, however a patient never leaves Benenden Hospital until they are fit and safe to discharge.




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