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Benenden members


Benenden members are asked to take the following steps when wishing to become a patient at Benenden Hospital:

Step 1. Your GP decides that you should see a specialist or have a diagnostic test.

Step 2. Tell your GP that you are a member of Benenden.

Step 3. In consultation with your GP, you should check to see if a local NHS route is suitable for your needs and the waiting time involved. This could include coming to Benenden Hospital as an NHS e-Referral Service patient if we offer this service (N.B. not all our services are offered to the NHS). If we do offer this service via the NHS e-Referral Service you or your GP can make the first booking either on-line at| or by calling the NHS e-Referral Service line on
0345 608 8888)

Step 4. If Benenden Hospital is not available on the  NHS e-Referral Service scheme and there is no reasonable NHS appointment on offer elsewhere, you can ask Benenden to approve treatment at Benenden Hospital. We expect members to use the NHS wherever possible, but if they feel the waiting time is unreasonable and causing distress, they should contact the Member Services Department on 0800 414 8100*

Step 5. When contacting the Benenden, please have the following information to hand:

  • Your Benenden membership number, enabling the Society to locate your records immediately
  • Information about your NHS waiting time for any service you are requesting and the effect the wait is having on you
  • Information about your condition and what type of consultant, treatment or test that you require access to
  • For diagnostic consultations your gp needs to send a referral directly to Benenden's member services department, who will pass all the relevant information onto Benenden Hospital
  • If you already have a diagnosis and require treatment for your condition and this is available through the core services please ask your GP to forward their letter of referral together with a copy of the consultant's report which advises the procedure you require

Step 6. Benenden Hospital will be in touch with you to organise your first appointment. You should make every effort to attend the hospital on time on the date given. If for any reason you can't make your appointment, please give Benenden Hospital as much notice as possible - to ensure that your appointment slot can be offered to another patient.

Treatment via Benenden Personal Healthcare

Funding for treatment can only be authorised by Benenden prior to the appointment being made with Benenden Hospital.

Treatment services are offered by Benenden Personal Healthcare on a discretionary basis. Benenden members must, therefore, contact the member services department before making any arrangements on 0800 414 8100*.



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