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Patient admission


On arrival at Benenden Hospital

  • On your arrival please go to Reception our friendly team will direct you to the appropriate area.
  • The consultant performing your operation will come to talk to you before your surgery and make sure you fully understand your planned procedure, including any risks that may be involved.
  • Your anaesthetist will then examine you and check that the required tests, including blood tests, have been carried out. You will be able to ask them about the anaesthetic procedure. On occasion you may be anaesthetised by another member of the anaesthetic team.
  • After your operation the nursing staff will be there to look after you through your recovery and answer any questions you have. If you need any further information or you are unsure of what happens next, please just ask us. We’re here to help


Your discharge is decided by your Consultant. He or she will write to your referring clinician and GP giving details of your operation and any aftercare needed.

We will give a fact sheet telling you what you should and shouldn't do after your operation and a letter to give to your GP with details of your case.

In case you experience any problems, the ward will issue you with a number to call. We encourage you to phone between the hours of 0900-1700 if possible. Outside these hours, if your query is urgent, please phone the main switchboard and ask to be put through to the inpatient ward.

Medication to take with you

We would ask that you have a supply of your normal pain killer (e.g. paracetamol, Ibuprofen) at home ready for your discharge from hospital.

If you require stronger pain killers they will be supplied for you to take home.

If you are prescribed other new medications following your surgery, we will provde the initial supply and you will need to contact your GP if you need further supplies.

The details of this medication will be included in your discharge letter.

What will I need at home

It still takes a few days to get over certain operations, just as it would if you stayed in hospital. You and your carer (a relative or friend) will be given advice about what to do at home during this time. Your carer will probably need a day or two off work in order to look after you while you recover.

If you have any worries once you are at home, help and advice will only be a telephone call away. Our telephone number is available on our patient information leaflets and you can pick up a card with our contact details before you go home.

We appreciate that coming into hospital can be an anxious time for some of you but all attempts will be made to make your stay as comfortable and as pleasant as possible.

Dressing and sutures

Patients are directed back to their GP practice for removal of sutures unless by specific request by the consultant, dressing changes are usually organised with the practice / district nurses prior to discharge.


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